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The Space.com features a showcase of work from the emerging playwrights and theatre makers of the NSA Drama Department.


Directed by Mike da Silva
Script: by the cast
Scout, the puppet, crafted into life by Christelle van Graan
Set & Masks by Philile Sishuba
Poster Design: Anastasya Eliseeva

SCOUT is a timeless tale of the friendship between a man and a dog. Conceptualized in collaboration with the Society for Animals in Distress (SAID) and the NSA drama department, ‘Scout’ is the saga of a wily street dog who learns through the kind treatment that he receives from uGogo, that humans are not all that bad. This ‘visual theatre’ play makes use of mask work and puppetry to  provide an important voice to man’s best friend. No words but perhaps a bark or two!

Venue: space.com

Wed 4th March  10:00   &   14:10

Thursday 5th March   12:10   &  18:00 (Double-Bill Scout & Amanda)

Friday 6th March   12:00 &   18:00 (Double-Bill Scout & Amanda)

Sat 7th March 10:00   &   16:45   (Double-Bill Scout & Amanda)